LAIT NETTOYANT CLEANSING MILK removes make-up and cleanses the face, eyes and lips. Thanks to its soft and velvety ingredients, it respects the hydrolipidic film, leaving the skin feeling clean and supple. 

* Rinses off with water 
* Perfect for all skin types, dry to oily 
* Balanced formula rich in Borneol sooths and purifies



  • Use in the morning, to help the skin awaken gently and to prepare it to receive a hydrating cream, and at night to remove all traces of make-up and impurities. 

    Apply the milk with your fingertips in soft circles over your face and neck, then rinse off with tepid water.  Pat dry and avoid rubbing.

    For the eyes and lips apply a small amount to a moist cotton pad and use over the eye and lip area.  

    Complete with spraying a mist of LOTION YON-KA to leave skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.