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This skincare cream with 18 cleansing plant extracts, including burdock, is a true blemish-fighting solution for imperfections that appear during teenage years as well as adulthood. Its ultra-light, non-greasy formula works well for all skin types. Apply Cream 15 as a spot treatment. It will penetrate quickly and gently purify your skin. It quickly makes your skin clearer and healthier.

  • Contains 98% of natural ingredients
  • Purifies, cleanses and softens skin
  • Leaves skin balanced and soothed
  • Prevents small pimples after hair removal and blackhead extraction, and calms irritation


Crème 15 - Purifying Cream

Expected to ship by the end of May


Morning and or evening, apply CRÈME 15 in a thin layer onto the blemishes, then if necessary apply another treatment cream to complement on the entire face and neck.


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