The SOS calming & comforting cream for Sensitive Skin


Cold, heat, pollution, wind are some of the many causes that trigger redness on reactive skins.  To combat tautness, itching and all the discomfort sensations they bring along SENSITIVE CREME PEAUX SENSIBLES includes a YON-KA exclusive pre-and probiotic complex that boosts the skin’s natural defenses and combats physical and environmental triggers.


This complex helps the skin to instantly be soothed and comfortable and increases its levels of tolerance. The skin is less reactive to external factors. Hydrated and nourished by shea butter and soothed by Bisabolol, the skin is less fragile and becomes velvery soft and radiant.  


Enriched with nourishing and reparative properties this cream helps skin combat inflammation and reactivity, which can lead to premature aging. The sensations of discomfort and irritation are soothed when used consistently. 

Alcohol-free and without perfume nor essential oils, SENSITIVE CRÈME PEAU SENSIBLE is perfectly suited for hypersensitive skins.This calming, comforting and de-sensitizing cream brings immediate and long-lasting relief to sensitized, aggressed and hyper-reactive skin.


  • Day and/or night cream, apply a nut of this care on your face and neck, after thorough cleansing. 

    Use circular motions to help the product to be absorbed.