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Need to relax or reinvigorate yourself? It all depends on the dosage!


Let yourself be carried away by a unique sensory experience with this Phyto-Bath. It will bring all of Provence’s aromatics to you: the Lavender, Helichrysum, Petitgrain, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Cypress and more.  Whether you use this as a Shower or Bath oil, breathe it in deeply and enjoy a spa experience at home.


  • Rich in essential oils of lavender, helicrysum and petitgrain
  • Tones or relaxes depending on the temperature of the water
  • Facilitates relaxation after sport and detoxifies
  • Creates an at-home spa experience

Phyto-Bain Aromatic Bath & Shower Oil


Bath :
Add a capful of Phyto-Bain to your bath.

To relax and soothe tired & aching muscles use warm water, perfect  after exercise and sport. 
To relax tired legs and regain energy, use lukewarm to cool water.

Put a capful of Phyto-Bain on a damp sponge or Mit.  To reinforce the effectiveness of Phyto-Bain, rub yourself in the bath or shower with a loofah glove or a sisal shower flower, for example.  Rinse.

Important: avoid contact with the eyes - Do not swallow


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